I used to have a fear of public speaking. Not a rational fear, like so many have. No, this fear was crippling—to the point where the very thought of it would send me into the proverbial fetal position, paralyzed by anxiety and insecurity. So, how did I end up with a 20+ year career in the news business speaking to an audience of millions every day? I followed my passion.

Let me explain.  

I love a good story—a passion that was born out of a childhood spent overseas. I was always interested in learning about other people—their cultures, how they lived and their personal stories. This influenced not only my career path in communications, but also my innate ability to recognize interesting stories in others.

I pursued a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Communication Studies in Journalism from Clemson University, where I had no choice but to face my public-speaking phobia, head-on. I was not willing to let anxiety and self-doubt stand in the way of following a career that fueled my life’s true passion. Over time, with hard work and a splash of self-confidence, I didn’t just kick that once crippling fear to the curb, I turned it into one of my core strengths.

I spent the next two decades in front of the camera as a broadcast news anchor, reporter and producer for a number of reputable outlets, including NBC, ABC and Fox, to name a few. In those roles, I earned several notable accolades, including a first-place award with the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ), an Emmy Award in Breaking News, an RTNDA Regional Edward R. Murrow Award for Overall Excellence and a Utah Broadcasters Association award.

In early 2019, I decided to take my passion in a new direction. With that I founded Kerry Barrett Consulting, a full-service public speaking and media training boutique. Today, I help others bring their stories to life with confidence and personality.