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Mistake: No Vocal Variety

Mistake: No Vocal Variety

Think for a moment about musical instruments. When one is played, be it a piano, a violin, or atrumpet, the greater the variety in the notes being played, the more interesting the music isto hear. Playing just one note, or a handful...Learn More

Mistake: Low Energy

Public speaking is not easy. If it were everyone would be good at it, no one would make stupidsuggestions like “just picture everyone naked,” and I would probably be selling Rodan and Fields. Publicspeaking is such a difficult art form...Learn More

Common Speaking Blunders

Public speaking is a high-wire act. Sometimes a slip can make the crowd “ooh” and “aah,” and sometimes it can send you crashing to the ground wishing you were dead. Fortunately, if you crash while speaking you won’t be hauled...Learn More

How To Take Good Selfie Videos

Our society is at peak selfie. We have gone from awkward double chinned photos to full on video production. Your forward-facing camera is now your best way to talk one-on-one to your customers. There are five things to consider when...Learn More

Stories Over Data

Stories are a part of our lives. Every day we tell them to each other, and to ourselves. They are how we build who we are, and what we believe. They are the most effective means of communication surrounding us....Learn More

Telling A Good Story

A well-told story can feel like magic. What you need to remember is that behind all magic is good technique and years of practice. If you know the elements of a good story you can use them to enrapture a...Learn More

Speaking Is A Performance

Ever wanted to be in show business? Congratulations, now you are. That’s becauseevery time you speak in public, whether in front of a crowd, on live television, orsimply in front of a camera, you are delivering a performance. First of...Learn More

Talking In Soundbites

There are people who think saying that someone “speaks in sound bites” is insulting them. I actuallythink it is a great compliment. It means they are concise, direct, and linguistically interesting. Being ableto speak in sound bites is not an...Learn More

YouTube Mechanics

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media and networking platforms on the planet. Every day more than one point three billion people view content on it. YouTuber is now a legitimate career – and not just for a...Learn More

Case Studies

Microphone in front of crowd to help with public speaking

Help with Public Speaking

As head of sales at a health and wellness company, Brian wanted to not only motivate his sales team but he also wanted to establish a brand within the company itself.


jean the results queen testimonial

I’ve always wanted to use video to promote my business but I was scared

One of my clients, Dr. Jean Oursler. Not only is she a great person, she's freaking amazing at what she does. If you want help with sales and biz dev, she's...