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Enter the form on this page for a chance to win. On January 29, we will select one lucky winner that will receive a FREE brand interview as well as promotion on my social channels throughout the month of January.

When you partner with me for your brand interview, I will:

  • Share tips and strategies to help you prepare for the interview
  • Ask all the right questions to ensure you and your business shine on-camera
  • Polish your message, tune up your body language, and tailor your presentation to ensure it is memorable and resonates across all media platforms.

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Bring your brand story to life!

Every brand has a story—and every story has the potential to evoke emotion and inspire action. The truth is, the way you tell your story is just as important as the story itself. But many small businesses struggle to bring their brand story to life.

If you are experiencing this struggle, consider a brand interview. A simple but very effective video marketing tactic, a brand interview lets you share your story with confidence, convey sincerity, and showcase your personality.