Brand Video: What and Why

If you aren’t using video you are not making the most of your brand. It’s as simple as that. Video is the medium customers are using to find information
and connect with companies. It’s how they can connect with you. 
We all know the scene in “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy opens the door in black-and-white Kansas, and sees the full technicolor world of the Land of Oz. That’s what video can do for you. It can bring your brand to life. It can show potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they want to be a part of it. Sure, you could send them an email, or a flyer with all the facts and figures about your brand, but video makes that information move. 
This is your chance to make a proper introduction, and show off the people behind the products. It’s the difference between introducing yourself via email and introducing yourself in person with a warm handshake. You are giving your potential customers a “real feel” for who you are as a live person. 
Beyond making a proper introduction, a video can help you explain your business and your product. There isn’t a product on the market today without a demo video for the sole reason that they are so effective. You can search anything on YouTube from how to fix a dishwasher to how to make a lace tablecloth and find a plethora of videos for guidance.
I can tell you that as a mother, YouTube is at times my best friend. Every time my child is given a new craft project, we bypass the instructions that come with it and go straight to YouTube to find out what to do. It has saved us hundreds of hours of frustrated crying, and many trips to Michaels for replacement materials because it makes it easy. Video will make it easy for people to understand your brand and products, and make the most of them. 
For those who haven’t bought a product, a video is the ultimate sales tool. Look in your kitchen right now. I guarantee you have at least one “as seen on TV” product.  If not because you saw it on TV, but because you saw it playing on a sales kiosk in Bed, Bath and Beyond. That’s right, even in a store where there are capable people to demonstrate merchandise, stores are using video to push products. Why? Because it works. It’s why I have multiple pet fur removal tools I did NOT want, but felt in the moment I needed with all of my soul. 
Video not only helps you reach out to customers, it increases the number of potential consumers who will see your information. Video is the ultimate shareable medium. Most search platforms and social media sites optimize it over other forms of content. People love to share videos that make them laugh, cry, or think. I’m betting you have shared a video this week, or watched one from a friend. Videos reach out.  They can be friendly and personable making products and services nearly touchable. 
One of the reasons videos is preferable for sharing is that it is better for mobile. The majority of people are viewing content on their phones or other mobile devices. Video is easier to view than text on those small screens – especially if, like me, you occasionally need to wear readers. 
You need video to be a player in the marketplace. Your competitors are using it, and if you are not, then you are falling behind. We can make it possible. It’s time to step out of the black and white and let your colors shine.