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Q&A Video Content

Why It’s A Great Content Strategy for Almost Any Brand A lot of businesses and brands over-complicate their video marketing production and strategy.  Yes, there will always be room for big, slick and highly produced video brand stories.  But a...Learn More

Why Use Video?

Video may have killed the radio star, but it can make your brand come to life. In 2020 it is everywhere, and it only going to get bigger as time goes on.  Think about it–when you click on a website,...Learn More

Brand Video: What and Why

If you aren’t using video you are not making the most of your brand. It’s as simple as that. Video is the medium customers are using to find informationand connect with companies. It’s how they can connect with you.  We all know the scene...Learn More

Stories Over Data

Stories are a part of our lives. Every day we tell them to each other, and to ourselves. They are how we build who we are, and what we believe. They are the most effective means of communication surrounding us....Learn More

YouTube Mechanics

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media and networking platforms on the planet. Every day more than one point three billion people view content on it. YouTuber is now a legitimate career – and not just for a...Learn More

YouTube Engagement

You’ve built a great YouTube page chock full of engaging videos made with excellent tools. Youhave optimized your clips with engaging titles and thumbnails, and picked all the right keywordsto draw in search traffic.Great. You are about half way to...Learn More

Small Business Studios

Video is essential to your business. It is the best way to communicate your brand story and attract new customers. Video is what people want to see when they visit a website – and they expect it to be well...Learn More

Video Brand Journalism

Bringing Your Brand Story to Life with Video You now have a great story to tell. How are you going to tell it? You could hire an epic poet to write it out in verse. You could put on a...Learn More

What Is Your Brand Story?

Every great superhero has an origin story. Every great brand does too. But how do you know what yours is? It’s highly unlikely your brand came to be due to a radioactive spider bite. How do you sort through the...Learn More

Case Studies

Microphone in front of crowd to help with public speaking

Help with Public Speaking

As head of sales at a health and wellness company, Brian wanted to not only motivate his sales team but he also wanted to establish a brand within the company itself.


jean the results queen testimonial

I’ve always wanted to use video to promote my business but I was scared

One of my clients, Dr. Jean Oursler. Not only is she a great person, she's freaking amazing at what she does. If you want help with sales and biz dev, she's...