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3 Video Trends You Can Capitalize on Right Now

3 Video Trends You Can Capitalize on Right Now

Consumers are viewing more videos than ever before in today’s digital era. Video marketing should undoubtedly be part of your online marketing plan. It is one of the most powerful ways to engage with modern customers. Here are the most...Learn More

How to use Public Speaking and Social Media Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Are you struggling with your ability to convey a confident, credible on-screen presence in today’s virtual world? Whether you’re sitting in front of your computer camera virtual networking or standing on the set of a live media outlet, your ability...Learn More
Tips and Strategies to Add Credibility to your Sales Team in a Virtual Meeting

Tips and Strategies to Add Credibility to your Sales Team in a Virtual Meeting

Is your sales team struggling with networking and prospecting clients in this new virtual world? In the age of COVID-19 and remote networking, you need to master the art of making a great first impression virtually. Use these strategies and...Learn More
The studio experience camera filming two people talking

The Studio Experience

Appearing on television can be beneficial for both you and your brand. It is an opportunity to present yourself to a larger audience that you may not have access to otherwise. It’s also a lot of fun. But the experience...Learn More
A women looking at her cell phone smiling drinking coffee

The Pitch 

You have a great brand and an interesting story to tell. Now you need to get it out to the world. There are several ways to do that. You could take out ads in the newspaper or online. You could...Learn More

Case Studies

Microphone in front of crowd to help with public speaking

Help with Public Speaking

As head of sales at a health and wellness company, Brian wanted to not only motivate his sales team but he also wanted to establish a brand within the company itself.


jean the results queen testimonial

I’ve always wanted to use video to promote my business but I was scared

One of my clients, Dr. Jean Oursler. Not only is she a great person, she's freaking amazing at what she does. If you want help with sales and biz dev, she's...