How To Create a Home Studio

Video is the most effective way to communicate your brand story and interact with potential customers. It isn’t a question of if you are going to produce videos. It is a question of how. Luckily, we live in an age where it’s easy to produce video quickly and inexpensively. But while quick and cheap are good they are not replacements for well done. 

If you are going to produce high quality videos on a regular basis it’s a good idea to set up a home studio. This way you can have a continuity of quality for all of your videos. It also ensures that all of your videos will have a similar look and feel which will resonate with viewers. 

What do you need for a good in-home studio? I’m glad you asked. 

Camera Set Up

Are you holding your phone? Is it less than two years old? Great, you have a camera. Honestly, most of the videos that you see online are shot with a phone of some kind. If you want to have a dedicated camera though, there are many low-cost options available. I am not going to recommend one though because I think the most important aspect of any camera is how comfortable you are using it. Make sure you choose one with features you will use and know how to optimize. Don’t pay for options that you won’t use. 

While you may not need to buy a camera you definitely need to buy a tripod if you don’t have one. You can get a good tripod for between ten and fifty dollars. You want to get one that will keep your camera stable and can adjust the various heights. There is no point in having a tripod that you then have to place on a stack of books or a table to use. 

Setting the Stage

If you have space set up a dedicated video location. It doesn’t have to be big, just large enough for you to do a head and shoulder shot and any demonstrations. It’s best if your backdrop is neutral without loud colors or other distractions. You want to be the focus, not your background. My favorite location is just in front of a blank white wall. 

If you feel you don’t have a spot that is neutral enough there are inexpensive back drops you can purchase online.  

Lighting and Sound

More important than investing in a backdrop is making an investment in lighting and a microphone. If you are using your phone as a camera you can get a ring light for a small amount and improve your lighting a great deal. If you are using a stand-alone camera there are lots of small light rigs available. Be sure to get one with a reflector so that your light is diffused and not directly on your face like a spotlight. 

A good microphone is even more important than lights. We have all seen videos that look lovely, but sound like they were filmed in the bottom of a well.  Don’t be that person. If your sound is bad your message is lost. Spend $50 and get a lavalier microphone that can either plug into your camera or connect via Bluetooth. Make sure your sound is good before you start shooting. 

It is possible to set the stage for great video production in your own home with minimal budget. And once it’s set there is limit to the amount of video content you can produce to interact with your audience.