How To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

YouTube is one of the largest social media sharing platforms in the world. It is a place where people go to connect, to learn, and to shop. Yes, to shop. Most consumers now say that before they make a purchase, they go onto YouTube to look at products, hear testimonials, and compare options. And those who are not currently planning to buy something could be swayed by the right video. So, how can you turn YouTube browsers into YouTube buyers?  

Make Your Product Come to Life 

My daughter, like most 9-year olds, is a slime fanatic. Her Christmas and birthday lists are filled with glue, shaving cream, and other items guaranteed to ruin my kitchen table. They are also filled with the various slime “kits” she has vetted through YouTube tutorials and reviews. Because of her video views she can tell you which kits are worth the money, and which will just leave you with a pile of disappointing goop.  

If slime can make that big of an impact through videos, imagine what you can do with a product or service that doesn’t suck. You can show off all of the features. You can put up testimonials from satisfied customers. You can explain some of the options buyers may not know about from simply seeing a static image. You can answer questions that other buyers have had. The options are endless.  

There are so many things you can do with video that you cannot do with words. Remember, people are becoming more visually inclined. They may not read three paragraphs about how great your product is, but they will watch a 30 second “sizzle” clip about all of its attributes.  

Stand Out from the Crowd 

There are literally hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube. How do you make yours stand out? First of all, do some research. Look for brands like yours on the site. See what is getting a response, and what is leaving viewers cold. Also, look for trends that everyone is doing – and avoid them. Trends are only useful if you get in early. Once there is a glut of videos (“Letting Strangers Pick What I’m Eating,” I’m looking at you) you’re just wasting pixels.  

Believe it or not your title and screenshot could make or break your video. Spend time on both coming up with a title that is informative and intriguing, and a screenshot that is eye catching. Beyond those two aspects, make sure that you have optimized your keywords so you get the viewers you want. Remember, YouTube isn’t just the largest video platform in the world, it’s also one of the biggest search engines.  

Sell Yourself 

One of my favorite YouTube channels is by Bon Appetit. Is it because I love to cook? No, I don’t. Is it because I want to love to cook? Absolutely not. It’s because the people who make the videos are interesting, funny, and make me want to watch.  

Video gives you a chance not only to sell your product, but the people behind it. Introduce the public to the people who developed the product. Tell them why you brought it to market. Let them know why you and your team have pride in what you do. Let your viewers get to know you and they will be subscribing, and tuning back in with every video you post.  

Make Them an Offer 

People love to get a deal. They love it even more when they think they are getting it and others are not. So, give your viewers special access and pricing for watching your video. Somewhere in the clip give them a code that gives a discount or offer of early access to a new release. Make sure the offer is after the ten second mark though and be sure to mention it in the title or video description so they are sure to watch.  

Make it Easy to Buy 

Do not lead a horse to water and then make it difficult for it to drink. A link to your sales page should be either embedded in the video or high up in the description. Once you have convinced them to make a purchase make it as easy as possible to get it done.  

Video is a powerful tool in the marketplace. You can harness it to not only make an initial sale, but to turn a person simply browsing YouTube into a repeat customer and a long-term ally.