Look Like a Million Bucks (Without Spending a Million)

In the glory days of television every on-air talent was given an allowance to buy clothes that
they would wear on camera. It didn’t matter the size of the market; this was a standard clause in
every contract. As times have changed, this has become less and less common and most
on-air personalities have had to start shouldering the cost of their wardrobes. This has led to
people becoming creative when it comes to filling closets with camera-ready outfits.  
We aren’t talking about your corner thrift store. A good consignment store has a staff
that is looking for quality pieces they can move quickly for top dollar. You can easily find a
number of first-rate, professional pieces to fill out your wardrobe for between 30-70% off
Thanks to technology you don’t even have to go to a store to shop. There are a number of great
apps to help you find fabulous, quality clothing without going into debt. Poshmark, Depop,
and Vinted are just a few that I like.  Oh, but make sure you check your settings in
all of them unless you want to be inundated with emails. Poshmark is especially email trigger-happy.  
Renting clothing is one of my all-time favorite ways to dress well, keep variety in my wardrobe,
and still have money in the bank. I also love it because I don’t have to worry about paying for
dry cleaning. They clean it when you send it back. That’s even more savings.  
Rent the Runway is the most well-known clothing rental company.  At any fancy party
you attend, I guarantee some of the women in the room are wearing outfits from that site.
They have more than formal wear, however, and offer a full range of professional pieces. They
also send more than one size option so you never have to worry about something not fitting
when you are in a pinch.  
There are several other clothing rental companies that get great reviews online. Gwynnie Bee
works on a subscription model and offers a huge line of designer options in a wide range of
sizes. Several stores like Ann Taylor, Express, and New York and Company also offer
subscription rental programs so you can always have clothing from the current season.  Wear
clothes, enjoy them, and then, send them back.  
If you are a person who doesn’t like the idea of wearing something someone else has worn, or
you just want to have all your clothes to yourself there are a few things you can do to look nice,
and still stay within your budget.  
 Think quality, not quantity. Buy high quality pieces that will not go out of style and
won’t have to be replaced all the time.  
 Make friends with a tailor. It doesn’t matter if a piece of clothing is cheap or expensive–if it doesn’t fit it looks bad. Find a good tailor that you trust and make sure all of your
clothing is fitted to your frame.  

 Take care of your clothes. If something says “dry clean only” then that’s how you should
care for it. Don’t think Woolite and hand washing can do the job of a professional.  
Spending money on clothes is fun, but it can also be a financial stress. By using consignment,
renting certain pieces, and carefully buying and maintaining your clothes, you can reduce that
stress. Think of it as the Kerry Barrett dress for less stress. That would be an EXCELLENT name
for a store.