Q&A Video Content

Why It’s A Great Content Strategy for Almost Any Brand

A lot of businesses and brands over-complicate their video marketing production and strategy.  Yes, there will always be room for big, slick and highly produced video brand stories.  But a video conversation, in the form of an intelligent Q&A is highly effective and has the added benefit of humanizing your brand.

To put it another way, if you were hiring a business and all things were equal… what would you find more appealing.. A flashy video from a business telling you how fabulous they are?  Or a simple, sit-down “unscripted” video with the owner and employees of that video that feels like a comfortable conversation minus the high-pressure sales pitch? 

Though the visuals may not be “stop-you-in-your tracks-stunning”, a simple interview can make your brand look more genuine and trustworthy than you can get from any sort of extraordinary spend. 

So, how specifically can this type of video production help?  Let’s explore. 

They Humanize 

Video can have a canned, inauthentic feel. Q&A style videos add a sincere, human quality by putting a face on your business.

They show your viewer how passionate and excited you are about what you’re doing.  And even though we can edit out mistakes, there’s also the assumption that because you are willing to put yourself out there this way, you genuinely love and believe in what you do, and the service or product you offer.  

They Show Expertise

Interview-style videos give you the opportunity to show credibility and authorize in your industry.  They highlight your knowledge in a way that seems authentic (after all, you’re only answering the nice lady’s questions)

Rather than discussing all your credentials, you can use an interview to actually show them.  This type of  video doesn’t even have to be about the person being interviewed.

Who else can talk on your behalf?  A client, the head of the department relevant to your new service, other employees… to name a few.    

Boost Brand Trust

Just speaking on camera helps people trust you.  Your brand isn’t some faceless automaton.  There are real people behind the scenes vested in making their product and customer service second-to-none. 

Think about this… you know how popular explainer videos are? This is the same thing… except your potential clients are getting the info straight from you. The reason is simple. In a Q&A, (one that’s done well, by a skilled interviewer), answers, opinions and thoughts are challenged.  Clarification is asked for.  And granted.   Your client is not just listened to someone scripted droning on and on.  That means you really need to know your stuff.  That follow up shows you’re not afraid of challenge.  That you’re confident in what you’re selling.

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