Making Complex Topics Simple

Making Complex Topics Simple and Understandable Einstein once said “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Of course, he was also a man who could define the laws of physics, but not properly use a...Learn More

What Makes A Performance Fabulous (or Mediocre?)

Jim Cantore is an international superstar for doing the weather. No, I am not talking about his reports standing in a three-foot storm surge as a hurricane bears down on him. Anyone can make those reports riveting. Cantore rose to...Learn More

The News Pitch

Crafting a Media Pitch that Won’t Strike Out As a member of the media I received an average of 10 pitches a day. Pitches about store openings, lawsuits, candidate announcements, fundraisers, cat fashion shows, medical breakthroughs, back-to-school tips, boat shows,...Learn More

Why Use Video?

Video may have killed the radio star, but it can make your brand come to life. In 2020 it is everywhere, and it only going to get bigger as time goes on.  Think about it–when you click on a website,...Learn More

Brand Video: What and Why

If you aren’t using video you are not making the most of your brand. It’s as simple as that. Video is the medium customers are using to find informationand connect with companies. It’s how they can connect with you.  We all know the scene...Learn More

Look Like a Million Bucks (Without Spending a Million)

In the glory days of television every on-air talent was given an allowance to buy clothes thatthey would wear on camera. It didn’t matter the size of the market this was a standard clause inevery contract. As times have changed...Learn More


I have resting bitch face. Sexist term aside, I have the type of face that, when in a neutral position, can look angry or contemptuous. While I sometimes can use this fact in my favor (no one ever randomly approaches...Learn More

Mistake- Sounding Scripted

It can be difficult to sound like you aren’t reciting a script when you are speaking in public,because if you are truly prepared, that is exactly what you are doing. However, instead ofmerely reading, what you must do is interact with your audience. You need...Learn More

Mistake- No Vocal Variety

Think for a moment about musical instruments. When one is played, be it a piano, a violin, or atrumpet, the greater the variety in the notes being played, the more interesting the music isto hear. Playing just one note, or a handful...Learn More

Mistake One- Low Energy

Public speaking is not easy. If it were everyone would be good at it, no one would make stupidsuggestions like “just picture everyone naked,” and I would probably be selling Rodan and Fields. Publicspeaking is such a difficult art form...Learn More

Common Speaking Blunders

Public speaking is a high wire act. Sometimes a slip can make the crowd ooh and aah, andsometimes it can send you crashing to the ground wishing you were dead. Fortunately, if youcrash while speaking you won’t be hauled away...Learn More

How To Take Good Selfie Videos

Our society is at peak selfie. We have gone from awkward double chinned photos to full on video production. Your forward facing camera is now your best way to talk one on one to your customers. There are five things...Learn More

Stories Over Data

Stories are a part of our lives. Every day we tell them to each other, and to ourselves. They are how we build who we are, and what we believe. They are the most effective means of communication surrounding us....Learn More

Telling A Good Story

A well told story can feel like magic. What you need to remember is that behind all magic is good technique and years of practice. If you know the elements of a good story you can use them to enrapture...Learn More

Speaking Is A Performance

Ever wanted to be in show business? Congratulations, now you are. That’s becauseevery time you speak in public, whether in front of a crowd, on live television, orsimply in front of a camera, you are delivering a performance.First of all,...Learn More

Talking In Soundbites

There are people who think saying that someone “speaks in sound bites” is insulting them. I actuallythink it is a great compliment. It means they are concise, direct, and linguistically interesting. Being ableto speak in sound bites is not an...Learn More

YouTube Mechanics

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media and networking platforms on the planet. Every day more than one point three billion people view content on it. YouTuber is now a legitimate career – and not just for a...Learn More

YouTube Engagement

You’ve built a great YouTube page chock full of engaging videos made with excellent tools. Youhave optimized your clips with engaging titles and thumbnails, and picked all the right keywordsto draw in search traffic.Great. You are about half way to...Learn More

Crafting A Speech

Crafting a Perfect Speech  Good speeches are not pulled out of thin air. If they were everyone would be giving them and I would be selling costume jewelry on QVC. Luckily for my children, and QVC viewers, the reaction that...Learn More

Getting Rid of the Jitters

Get Rid of the Jitters Before a Speech There is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to getting rid of the jitters in the hours and minutes before a speech. Most of it is awful. Picture...Learn More

Crafting a Speech

Crafting a Perfect Speech Good speeches are not pulled out of thin air. If they were everyone would be giving them and I would be selling costume jewelry on QVC. Luckily for my children, and QVC viewers, the reaction that...Learn More

Giving A Speech

Get Rid of the Jitters Before a Speech  There is a lot of bad advice out there when it comes to getting rid of the jitters in the hours and minutes before a speech. Most of it is awful. Picture everyone naked? What an absolute sadistic thought is that?...Learn More

Leadership In The Age of COVID

We are living in strange times. Everyone who can work from home is doing so to protect themselves and their communities. This creates new challenges for managers who now must oversee teams from a distance and keep them motivated and...Learn More

The Power Of An Engaging Speaker

How to be a More Magnetic Speaker No one is a magnetic speaker the first time they step on the stage. It takes practice and trial and error to not only be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd but...Learn More

How to be a More Magnetic Speaker

How to be a More Magnetic Speaker  No one is a magnetic speaker the first time they step onto the stage. It takes trial and error, and lots of practice, to not only be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd, but to be good at it...Learn More

Traits Of A Magnetic Speaker

Traits of a Magnetic Speaker  There is power in speech. Taking the words off the page and giving voice to them brings themto life in a way that nothing else can. A lot of that power comes from the person...Learn More

What Makes A Magnetic Speaker?

What makes magnetic speaker? How does someone draw an audience in, get them to not onlylisten, but to buy in, act, and take action? If you Google these questions there are pages, andpages of answers – most written by white...Learn More

What Can TV Exposure Do For You?

Why you (yes, you) want to be on TV Appearing on television can help promote your business and brand. It can help you raise awareness for a cause or event you are passionate about. It can help you reach people...Learn More

Small Business Studios

Video is essential to your business. It is the best way to communicate your brand story and attract new customers. Video is what people want to see when they visit a website – and they expect it to be well...Learn More

How To Create a Home Studio

Video is the most effective way to communicate your brand story and interact with potential customers. It isn’t a question of if you are going to produce videos. It is a question of how. Luckily, we live in an age...Learn More

Video Brand Journalism

Bringing Your Brand Story to Life with Video You now have a great story to tell. How are you going to tell it? You could hire an epic poet to write it out in verse. You could put on a...Learn More

What Is Your Brand Story?

Every great superhero has an origin story. Every great brand does too. But how do you know what yours is? It’s highly unlikely your brand came to be due to a radioactive spider bite. How do you sort through the...Learn More

How To (Virtually) Shine

Letting Your Personality Come Through in a Video Conference You cannot approach a video conference like a normal meeting. You aren’t face to face with those you are speaking to, so you don’t get the benefit of that personal intimacy...Learn More

Zoom Like A Pro

Teleconference Like a Pro There will come a time in your professional career when you will have to teleconference. It might be because of a global pandemic, or it may be because it’s more cost effective for the meeting organizer....Learn More

The Artful Dodger

We all are occasionally asked questions we don’t want to answer.  When are you getting married? Have you gained weight? Is that your child screaming obscenities in the food court play yard? While sometimes we can avoid answering these questions by laughing them...Learn More

How To Turn Browsers Into Buyers

YouTube is one of the largest social media sharing platforms in the world. It is a place where people go to connect, to learn, and to shop. Yes, to shop. Most consumers now say that before they make a purchase, they go...Learn More

PIQ- What Is It and How Does It Work?

You can’t be the speaker you were born to be until you know what kind of speaker you are now. You need to take a minute to assess your skill level, identify your strengths, and pinpoint your areas of weakness....Learn More

VIQ- What is it and how does it Work?

We are appearing on video more and more as professionals. Whether it is in a Zoom meeting, a YouTube video, or an instructional webinar you need to be ready to make the best impression possible when appearing on camera. You...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Did you know Zoom comes with an Insta worthy filter? No? Well, trust me… this video is well worth your time if you want to look like you’ve slept at some point in the last decade....Learn More
Make sure in the age of social distancing you are putting your best face forward

How to Let your Personality Shine on a Video call

Make sure in the age of social distancing you are putting your best face forward...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Video communication– what should the background be?...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Where your camera or webcam should be placed and why...Learn More

Tip of the Day

The #1 EASIEST way to connect with your audience...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Movement on camera vs. movement in real life...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Strategic use of body movement on camera...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Eye make-up for Women...Learn More

Tip of the Day

Audiences generally dont respond well to lots of detailed numbers. They respond too generalizations and round numbers better. What does that mean when put to practice?...Learn More

Tip of the day

What do you wear to stand out on camera or in person?...Learn More
Personality Showcases Kerry Barrett

Personality Showcases

Preparing for the inevitable mistake and how to reframe them for your own sanity!...Learn More
A quick tip to organize your next speech Kerry Barrett

A quick tip to organize your next speech

If you are doing a keynote or addressing an association ,here are some tips to help organize your thoughts and your audience thoughts as well....Learn More

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Making Complex Topics Simple

September 21, 2020

Making Complex Topics Simple and Understandable Einstein once said “The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Of...

Case Studies

Microphone in front of crowd to help with public speaking

Help with Public Speaking

As head of sales at a health and wellness company, Brian wanted to not only motivate his sales team but he also wanted to establish a brand within the company itself.


jean the results queen testimonial

I’ve always wanted to use video to promote my business but I was scared

One of my clients, Dr. Jean Oursler. Not only is she a great person, she's freaking amazing at what she does. If you want help with sales and biz dev, she's...