Small Business Studios

Video is essential to your business. It is the best way to communicate your brand story and attract new customers. Video is what people want to see when they visit a website – and they expect it to be well done. To get that quality video content you can hire an agency and pay them a lot of money in order to create it. Or you can set up a small studio in your office and produce it yourself. Even if you decide to go the agency route having a studio at your disposal in order for quick video turnaround is always a good idea. 

When you are setting up your studio there are a few things you need to consider carefully. 


This is no time to use your cell phone. Yes, that may be convenient and less expensive, but it will not give you the quality you want. Go out and buy a camera that shoots in either 720p or 1080i high definition (HD) video.  You should be able to get a quality one for less than a thousand dollars. 

I am not going to recommend a certain brand or model here because I think the best camera for you is the one you understand how to use. Look for a model you feel you can use with ease. You don’t want to be thumbing through the instruction manual every time you want to shoot a video. 

When buying a camera you also want to purchase an external monitor to plug into it so you can see what you are shooting as you are shooting it. You don’t want to think you have a perfect take only to go back later and realize something was off when you play the video back. 

You also want to invest in a tripod. This may be the most important piece of equipment you purchase. You can have the best camera in the world and if the video is shaky it won’t matter. Look for a tripod that not only can go up and down, but also can tilt and pan easily. You want every move your camera makes to be smooth. 


Good lighting is what separates the pros from the novices when it comes to video. It gives you a depth of field and helps you from blending into your backdrop. It also brings your features to life. You should plan on buying at least two lights you can place in a V formation. If you can afford more than two lights then buy more. The more lights you have the more options you have for making your video pop. 

You also should consider some lighting accessories. Soft boxes and reflectors are both great at helping diffuse light and reduce harsh shadows. They are also extremely easy to use. With both in your studio you have the option to shape the light the way you want it and create different looks. 


Even if your camera comes with an external mic you want to invest in microphones for the best sound possible. I would recommend getting at least two lavalier microphones so that you can have at least two people on camera at the same time. Again, the best mics for you are the ones you feel comfortable using. 

If you have the budget, and a person to hold it, a boom mic is not a bad investment. It will give you more options when you are shooting with multiple people or want to create a video with a different feel. Just be sure to keep the boom out of your shot. 


You have a lot of options when it comes to a backdrop. For a couple hundred dollars you can buy a kit with standard white, black, gray, and greenscreen backdrops. You also can get rolls of seamless paper in any number of colors and use those. Make sure you know how to mount these backdrops and that they don’t appear wrinkled. 

You also could build a small interview set for a relatively small amount of money. Find chairs and a small table that are neutral and don’t draw attention to themselves. Also, make sure the chairs do not move. You don’t want people swiveling while on camera. 

Having your own studio makes it easier to create quality videos in a timely manner without spending a large amount of money. The more you use it the more your investment will pay off as you grow your audience and reach more potential customers. All it takes is a few simple tools and knowing how to use them.