Stories Over Data

Stories are a part of our lives. Every day we tell them to each other, and to ourselves. They are how we build who we are, and what we believe. They are the most effective means of communication surrounding us. You can give someone all the facts and figures, and they might remember some of them, but put those same facts and figures in a story they will be remembered and recalled more clearly and for a longer period of time.

Stories are Easy to Consume

Stories stay with people longer because they are easy to consume. They transform information from something to memorize into something to experience and enjoy. They allow the listener to become a part of the data rather than simply a consumer. The listener will be able to picture themselves in the story, and immerse themselves in the details.

Stories Make Sense

There is a reason that all religions are based in stories. Stories take hard concepts and make sense of them. They give the rationale behind the edict. They answer the “why?” The Greeks never had to explain that vanity was bad because people had learned through stories that Narcissus drowned looking at his own reflection. To them, it just made sense.

Stories Connect Us

What do you have in common with your best friends? Probably a multitude of stories that you tell over and over again. Stories give us a shared history, and a shared experience. They can make us feel like we aren’t alone, or as different from others as we sometimes believe.

Stories Tap into Emotions

Robots tell horrible stories. Why? Because good stories have some kind of emotional angle. A young boy hits a home run and is swelled with pride. A man grieves the loss of a relationship. A partnership is born out of initial dislike. These are all stories that tap into the emotions each of us has experienced and felt deeply. They trigger our “lizard brains” and become engrained in our human fabric.

Stories Grant Access

I have never been in a high-speed chase. I have never climbed a mountain with my bare hands. Nor have I lived in a small house with seven small men in the woods while my stepmother plotted my death. However, I have read stories about all of these things and been able to imagine myself in each of them. Stories allow us to go places that enchant, frighten, amuse, or challenge us with no risk. They are doors that open and allow us to walk through willingly. Stories are key when getting your message across to an audience and making it resonate. Great stories will help your brand and business stand out in the pack. So, how do you tell a great story? Click here.