Traits Of A Magnetic Speaker

Traits of a Magnetic Speaker

There is power in speech. Taking the words off the page and giving voice to them brings them
to life in a way that nothing else can. A lot of that power comes from the person speaking.
Twelve different people can read the same words twelve different ways, and maybe only a
handful will capture anyone’s attention. Maybe only one will truly captivate an audience.
What does this type of speaker have that the others do not?
One of the best known and most revered speeches ever given was by Martin Luther King Jr.
during the march on Washington. One could feel with every syllable spoken just how vital his
words were to him. Each word and phrase was chosen carefully to impart the weight of his
message.  When he was speaking, it felt as if he had to get the words out, as if it was not a
choice due to their importance.
All great speakers employ this sort of passion in their presentation. No, they may not be as
emotionally charged as Dr. King, but their convictions are just as deep. That passion, that fire,
helps pull in the audience and keep them riveted.
A great speaker always inspires action. They aren’t speaking just to share ideas or hear
themselves talk. They want those listening to do something, to make a difference, to change
the world. They take the passion they have and channel it into persuasion. They not only tell
you what to do, but why you should do it, and why not taking action could bring unsolicited
Though a dozen people can deliver the same message in a variety of ways, the one that makes
an impact is always the one who finds a creative way to verbalize it. It’s not about being
flamboyant or theatrical, but rather a technique to make people see an issue or a situation in a
way they may not have in the past.
No great speaker ever phones it in. The message they are delivering is far too important. They
know they have to be present while speaking and be engaged with the audience to really make
an impact. This isn’t possible unless they are being genuine in who they are, and why they are
there. Anyone can deliver a speech, but those who excel at speaking embody it and make it
There is no such thing as a naturally born magnetic speaker. Not even John F. Kennedy started out commanding crowds. Those who become magnetic speakers do so because they don’t give up after one misstep or bad experience. They keep going and keep improving. Barack Obama isa perfect example. If you watch his speeches over the span of his lifetime, you can see him
change and grow until he has the crowd hanging on his every word. Even his faux pas are
brilliantly channeled into something usable and relatable.
Seemingly, anyone can deliver a speech. Most people can do so adequately enough that the
audience doesn’t fall asleep or leave the venue. However, very few inspire listeners. Those who
succeed know how to capture an audience by the use of passion, persuasion, creativity,
authenticity, and resiliency to make their message resonate.