Video Brand Journalism

Bringing Your Brand Story to Life with Video

You now have a great story to tell. How are you going to tell it? You could hire an epic poet to write it out in verse. You could put on a leotard and turn it into an interpretive dance piece. You could have a street artist turn it into a mural on the side of the A train. Or you could do the smart thing and make a video. 

Video is the most commonly consumed form of media out there right now. Yes, text is great, but anything you can type on a keyboard you can show in a video. It makes it more accessible to your audience. Video is where the great stories are being told. Yours should be one of them. 

Your video should focus on your customer and their relationship to the brand. There are many ways to do that. You can take them behind the scenes of your operation. You can show them how your brand is impacting the lives of other people just like them. You can show how their interaction with the brand is the reason you keep the company going. You can showcase your institutional values and how they influence how your brand is built. Whatever you choose to do, make it as personal between you and your customers as possible. 

This is where video wins over text every time. It allows you to look your customers in the eye and speak directly to them. That ability increases the amount of trust that your customers have in you. They can and hear see real, living, breathing human beings speaking to them, rather than reading black and white text off a page. 

How do you make it happen? 

Find Your Style

Your video needs to stand out from the rest. You don’t want it to look like video from any of your competitors. In five words think about what makes your brand unique and go from there. Build on it by picking a particular storytelling technique, or video style. Consider the colors you want to stand out that people may associate with your brand. Think about production values: do you want to go grand or have it look more “do it yourself.” Decide on how you want the story to unfold and how that effects the look and feel of the piece. 

Use Emotion

Eliciting an emotional response will increase engagement with your audience. Look for aspects in your brand story that connect with customers on this emotional level and highlight them in your video. Also, don’t underestimate the value of music when it comes to reinforcing those emotional connections. You don’t have to go full Celine Dion on the bow of the Titantic, but be mindful of where the soundtrack of your video can hit the right note. 

Be Honest

Viewers can spot inauthenticity at 50 paces. Don’t waste your time and theirs trying to put on a façade. It’s easier and more efficient to show your brand, and its people, for what they really are. It’s more satisfying too. Remember, you are using video to make a human connection. 

Make It Brief

Your video doesn’t not have to be a Scorsese length magnum opus. Actually, it’s better if it’s not. In television a two minute 30 second package is a huge amount of real estate. You have a bit more leeway than that, but ideally your video should be between three and five minutes. 

Get Off to a Strong Start

What is the strongest part of your brand story? Hit your viewer with that right at the beginning and make it as visual as possible. If you can, use a little bit of humor to really sell it. 

Consider the Platform and Where People are Watching

The majority of people consuming video are doing it on their mobile devices. So, make sure that they get the optimal experience where they are watching. Also, many of them will be watching without the audio on, so be sure that you have closed captions embedded in your video. 

Video can help brands make an indelible mark on customers. Think about the 1984 Apple commercial, or the Dove Real Beauty campaign. Even without explicitly laying out their brand story, they are telling you what their brand stands for, and how it makes a difference in the lives of customers. You can do something similar. 

Let’s make a video.