Video is emerging as one of the most effective ways to capture the attention of your audience on social media, outperforming all other content types. In fact, research tells us that internet users retain up to 95% of what they consume via video messages versus only 10% from text.*

The verdict is in: video works—when you do it right. There’s never been a better time to embrace this wildly versatile and profoundly profitable digital marketing tool. What are you waiting for?

I’ll help you create a high-performing video strategy with awesome videos that are optimized for each social platform—so you can hook, engage and grow your audience.

What exactly does that include?

Video strategy: What are your goals for the video? What’s the short- and long-term messaging strategy? What videos work best on which platforms? How long should they be? And how and when should they be posted? It’s both an art and a science—and I’ve got you covered.

Physical video elements: There’s more to a video than the words being spoken; there’s location, lighting, background—and even your attire. I’ll guide you through each element with recommendations for an impactful, visually engaging video that will immediately grab your audience’s attention.

On-camera readiness: How you present yourself in front of the camera matters; it can mean the difference between forming a genuine connection with your audience and being perceived as white noise. I’ll make sure you put forth your best self in front of the camera so you can proudly represent your brand.

Video conferencing: As telecommuting takes the world by storm, we continue to see a profound shift to video conferencing. With that comes the need to learn a whole new skill: digital etiquette. Whether it’s Zoom, Skype, WebEx or others, I’ll help you master the craft of video conferencing, with coaching on where to look, what to wear, how to act and more.