VIQ- What is it and how does it Work?

We are appearing on video more and more as professionals. Whether it is in a Zoom meeting, a YouTube video, or an instructional webinar you need to be ready to make the best impression possible when appearing on camera. You need to have a high video IQ (VIQ). 

Your video IQ is how well you use leverage the elements of a video to your advantage. Chances are you aren’t maximizing all the things you could be doing to pull off a dazzling performance. That’s where I come in. Send me a short video introduction via my VIQ tool and we can get started on making your online video presence pack a punch. 

The video should be about a minute in length and feature you introducing yourself, a little about your background, and your reason or reasons for wanting to improve your on-camera abilities. Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect; I’m just trying to get an idea of your current skill level. 

Some things to think about when creating your video are the basic building blocks of your VIQ: framing, appearance, voice and diction, message, and personality. Framing refers to where you appear on the screen. How are you currently positioned when you are interacting via video? There are ways to make yourself appear better on camera just by shifting the perspective of the viewer. 

Appearance is not only your clothing, hair, and make-up, but how you hold yourself as well. Remember that video magnifies every movement you make, so even the smallest slouch can speak volumes. Think about your posture and how it can help you easily improve your air of credibility. 

Voice and diction take many factors into consideration including (but not limited to): volume, pitch, pace, and enunciation. It also includes the possible use of filler words to which we can all fall victim. In your sample video try to display your most authentic voice so I can get a clear picture of your abilities. 

A minute is not a lot of time, but if you have a high VIQ it is more than enough to get your message across. Excellent speakers know how to condense and refine what they want to say so that their audience is engaged, motivated, and has a clear call to action. And they know how to do it whether they have thirty minutes – or thirty seconds. 

Personality is really the “X factor” when it comes to VIQ. Everyone has something different that they are bringing to the table. What makes some speakers stand out is how they use their personalities to engage with the audience and really make a connection. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or the biggest extrovert on the planet, you can use your personality to draw people in. 

Communicating through video can be difficult. It can make your connection to the audience feel tenuous, and it can cause your presentation to fall flat. That doesn’t have to happen though. Send me a video, and let’s start working on improving your VIQ.