What Can TV Exposure Do For You?

Why you (yes, you) want to be on TV

Appearing on television can help promote your business and brand. It can help you raise awareness for a cause or event you are passionate about. It can help you reach people that you didn’t even consider as potential customers or contacts. It’s also a really fun. I think everyone should be on television at least once in their lives just to have that experience. 

There is a reason so many people want to go into television and stay in the industry for years despite being qualified for other positions. It’s not the ridiculous hours, the very unglamorous lifestyle, or the smaller than you would think paycheck. It’s the fact there is an energy involved in media production in general and live television in particular that is a bit addictive. 

No two live broadcasts are ever the identical, even if you are doing the same program day after day (I did the morning news for more than a decade). There is always something new learn to learn or someone interesting to meet. There is also the very real possibility that something could go wrong at any moment. There is no “phoning it in” when it comes to going live. If you try to do that you quickly learn why that’s not a good idea. Also, it’s more fun to stay on your toes. 

It’s not only the electricity of a live broadcast, but it’s also the strangeness of the tools that are used to make it happen that draw people in. Know why so many school groups want to tour television stations? Because they really cool. All of the bright lights, and the big cameras, the dark control room with all of its buttons and the green screen that can turn into any background are fascinating. I still get excited going into a studio and I have been doing this since we were using paper scripts. 

Even without the studio television is amazing. Have you ever noticed how a camera and a reporter draw the eyes of the crowd wherever they are? How it’s never hard for a reporter to find an eager “man on the street” to interview? It’s the pull of the spotlight. Being on camera is exhilarating. 

Appearing on camera also gives you a certain status that you don’t get any other way. Even if you are just appearing on a local television lifestyle show your segment will be seen and people will come to associate you with the information you were presenting. A friend of mine was an assistant professor at a local university and had worked in the tech industry for years. Once he started doing segments on the local noon news though he became well known to the community and seen as an expert by people wanting to know more about tech and education. 

Being a part of television is fun. That’s all there is to it. And it’s fun that could help your business grow and your brand gain recognition. It’s like eating candy and losing weight because of it. You should be on television. 

So, how do you make that happen? I’m glad you asked. I can help.