Brand storytelling has recently taken center stage in the world of marketing as a proven method of interacting with audiences in a more relatable way. Add video to the mix, and you’ve got a powerful one-two punch for a message that cuts through the fluff and meaningfully tells an engaging narrative of you.

Think about it: video has the tremendous power to evoke emotion—more so than any other medium—while storytelling is one of the most profound ways we, as humans, connect with one another. Isn’t that your ultimate goal—to form an emotional connection that attracts customers to your brand, compels them to purchase and entices them to stay?

I can help you get there with a brand story video. From soup to nuts, here’s what I’ll do for you:

Find and craft the story: Does your brand have a story? Spoiler alert: it does. Every brand has one, whether they realize it or not. I will help you find and articulate yours with a captivating message that showcases the essence of you, your brand, your value and what makes you shine.

Produce your video: I’ll handle it all—from scripts and interviews to camera crews and lighting (and everything in between)—to create a professional and engaging video that captures your personality, elevates your message and tells the story of your brand.

Deliver a final raw footage reel: While not everything will make it to the final version, there’s value to be found on the cutting room floor. At the completion of the project, I’ll hand over all raw footage in an accessible format that you can extract from and repurpose for future use.