When you stand before a camera, your ability to intelligently communicate a clear, compelling message can mean the difference between a lasting impression that opens doors and one that is forgettable and without impact.

At Kerry Barrett Consulting, I offer media training coaching that positions you as the expert that you are—helping you to convey a confident, sincere and energetic-yet-relaxed on-screen presence. 

It’s all about making a genuine connection.

Whether you’re an executive looking to leverage your expertise and increase publicity on network programming, an aspiring reporter trying to break into the news business, or even an author who wants to shine in the spotlight, I’ll help you understand the ins and outs of media, hone your spokesperson skills and develop the confidence you need to participate in either side of a media interview.

It all starts with a strategy—one that is uniquely yours. Based on your needs, your challenges, your background and more, I will partner with you to create a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals.

I offer expert coaching in the following areas:

Sizzle reel creation: Get media outlets to notice you with a short audio-visual pitch-reel that delivers a stylized overview of you, your skills and what you have to offer.

Anxiety management: Public speaking doesn’t come easily to everyone. In fact, it doesn’t come easily to most. I’ll help to demystify public speaking with tips, tricks and strategies aimed at replacing feelings of anxiety with steady confidence. 

Crisis communications: As a business leader, you may, at some time, be required to defend your company’s actions or policies to the media. I will help you communicate your position with carefully crafted sound bites that convey authority and command of the situation.

Interview preparation: You never know what a reporter might ask you—and not all questions are easy to answer. I’ll help you prepare for those questions and communicate clear responses from a position of authority.

On-camera readiness: Coming across as confident, knowledgeable and genuine in front of the camera is more art than science. I will work with you to perfect that art with self-awareness training, relaxation and breathing techniques and tips and tricks of the trade to ensure you look and sound amazing on camera.