YouTube Engagement

You’ve built a great YouTube page chock full of engaging videos made with excellent tools. You
have optimized your clips with engaging titles and thumbnails, and picked all the right keywords
to draw in search traffic.
Great. You are about half way to having a knock out YouTube presence.
Yep, it’s true. This isn’t a ballfield in Iowa. You have to do a lot more than build it to get viewers
to come. Sure, you may get some, but mediocrity is not what this is about. This is about
greatness. To reach that goal you need to engage.
Engage with Those You Know
Let’s start with the low hanging fruit. You likely have a social media presence established
already. If you don’t, it’s time you do. This isn’t 1993. If it were I wouldn’t need Botox.
Reach out to people in your networks and ask them to view your content, subscribe to your
channel, and share links with others. If you feel strange asking them to do this, offer them
something in return. It could be a shout out in a video, or some free merch if you have it. If you
are pushing a product or a service, offer freebies. Incentivize them to become your first fan
Engage with Viewers
Engagement with your viewers and subscribers is the most important part of any YouTube
channel. They need to feel like they have a real, personal relationship with you. This will keep
them coming back.
Start with the comments. Be sure to like each and every one, and reply to as many as you can.
Take suggestions for future videos from them and be sure to give a shout out to the viewer who
suggested it when you make the video.
As your audience grows start talking directly to them in your videos. Thank them for watching
and subscribing. Greet them warmly and say good-bye sincerely. Maybe give them a nickname.
Let them know that this is a community and they are an important part. Then, ask them to
share your videos.
Engage with Other Creators
There are more than 25 million YouTube channels out there. You could see them as
competition, or you could see them as opportunity. Start off finding channels like yours and
subscribe. Then interact with other creators by liking and commenting on their videos. Build
relationships within these communities so that they want to support you.
Once you have built relationships with creators on channels similar to yours ask if you can do a
joint video to share on both your channels for promotion. Or, alternatively, find channels that
are nothing like yours, but that mesh in some way (closet organizing for a shopping channel,

grocery shopping for a food channel, etc.) and do joint content creation to attract new
subscribers from otherwise unfamiliar potential fan bases.
Engage with Opportunities
There are lots of YouTube contests out there, and every one of them is an opportunity to
introduce people to your channel. You know the saying “it’s an honor” just to be nominated? In
this case that’s the truth. You win even if you lose when you grow your subscriber count and
Know when NOT to Engage
Not all comments will be kind. In fact, some of them will be downright nasty. You will be angry,
or hurt, or outraged, and want to respond.
Unless there is a hint of constructive criticism present you are simply wasting your time playing
into the hands of a troll. Your time is too important for that. Instead, simply hide the comment
and move on. Then? Congratulate yourself for not contributing to the negativity in this world.
YouTube is a community, and, as with any community, you need to get out and interact to
really get the full benefit. Once you start building connections you will really see the impacts
those connections have both on your reach, and on your overall brand as well.