YouTube Mechanics

YouTube is one of the most powerful social media and networking platforms on the planet. Every day more than one point three billion people view content on it. YouTuber is now a legitimate career – and not just for a lucky handful of people. You could be one too. You just have to know how to do it. 

Plan Your Content

You wouldn’t open a business without a plan. Don’t launch a YouTube channel without one either. Have a clear vision of the content you want to create, and what niche you want to fill. Do you want to do tutorials? Vlogging? Humor? Music? Inspiration? Find a theme for your channel and build videos around it. 

Then start creating it well before launch. You wouldn’t want to shop at a store offering just one shirt and promising more later. Think of your YouTube channel as a store selling you. Sell the best, most engaging version of yourself. 

Use the Right Tools

Yes, cell phone cameras are great. However, they can only give you a certain quality of video and audio. For a few hundred dollars you can get a good quality DSLR or mirrorless camera and a good microphone. Oh, and don’t forget lighting. The wrong lighting can be the death of a video. 

If you are going to be shooting on a phone, at least get a tripod and a microphone that plugs into your phone for better audio. Also, get a ring light so that people can really see your lovely face. This will run you just under $100 until you can get the proper gear with your YouTube earnings. 

Very few videos are just one long, perfect take. Even those that look like it probably are not. You will need to get some editing software and learn how to use it. Here is some good news: several of them are FREE!!! YouTube even has its own editing software it allows creators to use. Most of these options are very user friendly and easy to learn and master. 

Make a Good First Impression

The title of your video and the thumbnail you choose are the first thing your viewers will see – and how they will decide if they want to press play. Make sure both are amazing. When choosing a title make sure it is descriptive and intriguing. Titling something “Amazing Things I Saw While SCUBA Diving” may not do as well as titling it “Amazing Underwater Tour Off Catalina August 2018.” Take time and come up with title that makes people want to click. 

YouTube will autogenerate three thumbnails for your video. All of them will be terrible. Do not use them. Instead, take some time and make your own custom thumbnail that you can upload. Use one of the many, many free layout tools online to do it. Canva and Adobe Spark are two of my favorites, but find one that works for you. You can add text and graphics to really make it pop. 

Optimize Your Keywords

YouTube is the second most powerful search tool on the internet behind Google. Sorry, Bing. You want to use that search function to drive as many people as possible to your videos. While you may keep your video description short (around 200 words) go CRAZY in the key words function. Use it to target the demographics you want as well as describing the content of your video. Unsure what key words to use? Look at the videos of creators making videos similar to yours and see which ones they are using. 

YouTube is a faster growing medium that television and movies combined. It is the place where anyone can be a star. It is also the place where a lot of videos sit with just 15 views, most of them from the person who made them. You can be the former, not the latter, if you just know what to do, and how to engage. 

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